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Stand: 13.12.2019 , 09:13:17
The Role of Health in Flexible Working Arrangements in Germany
In the context of retaining labour resources to meet demographic developments, phased retirement on the basis of flexible work (FW) aims at delaying the labor force exits of older workers. How do health conditions relate to the use of FW as an instrument for gradual...
Autor/en: Charlotte Fechter

Stand: 12.12.2019 , 14:42:25
The Retirement Mortality Puzzle: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design
The author estimates the effect of retirement on mortality, exploiting two discontinuities at age-based eligibility thresholds for pension claiming in Germany. The analysis is based on unique social security records that document the age at death for the universe of...
Autor/en: Matthias Giesecke

Stand: 12.12.2019 , 14:41:37
Do retirement savings increase in response to information about retirement and expected pensions?
How can retirement savings be increased? We explore a unique policy change in the context of the German pension system to study this question. As of 2005 (with a phase-in period between 2002 and 2004), the German pension administration started to send out annual letters...
Autor/en: Mathias Dolls, Philipp Doerrenberg, Andreas Peichl, Holger Stichnoth

Stand: 12.12.2019 , 14:40:55
Ausgleich oder Verschärfung von Einkommensrisiken? Lebensläufe und Alterseinkommen in Deutschland aus der Paarperspektive
Wir analysieren Erwerbs- und Einkommensbiografien von Paaren mittels einer Multichannel-Sequenzmusteranalyse, um Rückschlüsse auf das Alterseinkommen von Frauen in Deutschland und Ausgleichsprozesse im Haushaltskontext abzuleiten. Datengrundlage ist eine Verknüpfung der...
Autor/en: Katja Möhring, Andreas Weiland

Stand: 12.12.2019 , 14:23:42
Work Stress among Older Employees in Germany: Effects on Health and Retirement Age
This study examines the relationship between work stress and retirement age. It investigates whether this relationship is mediated by health and moderated by education. Three dimensions of health are taken into account: self-rated health (SRH), depressive symptoms, and...
Autor/en: Jana Mäcken

Stand: 12.12.2019 , 14:07:51
SHARE-RV: Linked Data to Study Aging in Germany
The project SHARE-RV generates new research data by linking the German Sample of the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE) to selected administrative data of the German Pension Insurance (RV). This article introduces the SHARE-RV data set as an...
Autor/en: Axel Börsch-Supan, Christin Czaplicki, Sabine Friedel, Imke Herold, Julie Korbmacher, Tatjana Mika

Stand: 5.12.2019 , 13:02:32
The Impact of Forced Migration on Mortality: Evidence From German Pension Insurance Records
The authors examine the long-run effects of forced migration for individuals who were displaced from Eastern Europe to Germany in the aftermath of World War II. Evidence suggests that displaced individuals were worse off economically, facing a considerably lower income and...
Autor/en: Thoma K. Bauer; Matthias Giesecke; Laura M. Janisch

Stand: 31.1.2019 , 13:40:01
Essays on behavioral responses to social insurance and taxation
This thesis contains three essays on behavioral responses to social insurance and taxation. The first chapter documents and analyzes an important and puzzling stylized fact about retirement behavior: the large concentration of job exits at specific ages. In Germany, almost...
Autor/en: Arthur Seibold

Stand: 14.11.2017 , 09:16:54
Different Employment Pathways into the Pension for Reduced Earnings Capacity
Schwerwiegende, chronische Erkrankungen können zur Aufgabe der Erwerbstätigkeit und zur Verrentung aufgrund von Erwerbsminderung führen. Das Risiko eines solchen ungünstigen Verlaufs ist der Gegenstand des Beitrags, der anonymisierte...
Autor/en: Tatjana Mika

Stand: 14.11.2017 , 08:57:33
Fertility and Women's Old-Age Income in Germany
Tatjana Mika and Christin Czaplicki investigate the role of motherhood for old-age income in East and West Germany. Using linked survey and register data, they show that having children can greatly affect a woman's lifetime employment profile. The differences in...
Autor/en: Tatjana Mika; Christin Czaplicki